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Line P OSP

Ascher, E.C.; Merzouk, A. and Tortell, P.D. 2011.
Fine-scale spatial and temporal variability of surface water dimethylsulfide (DMS) concentrations and sea-air fluxes in the NE Subarctic Pacific.
Mar. Chem. 126(1-4):63-75.
chemistry - DMS measurements along line P\OSP 2007-2008

Batten, S. and Mackas, D.L. 2009.
Shortened duration of the annual Neocalanus plumchrus biomass peak in the Northeast Pacific.
Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 393:189-198. doi:10.3354/meps08044
biology - zooplankton biomass OSP 1956-1980 plus P20 or P12 1988  

Bishop, J.K.B.; Calvert, S.E. and Soon, M.Y.S. 1999.
Spatial and temporal variability of POC in the northeast Subarctic Pacific.
Deep-Sea Res. II: Topical Studies in Oceanography. 46(11-12):2699-2733.
chemistry - carbon cycle, POC  pigments, T and beam attenuation coefficient at line P and OSP 1996-1997

Boyd, P.; Berges, J.A. and Harrison, P.J. 1998.
In vitro iron enrichment experiments at iron-rich and -poor sites in the NE subarctic Pacific.
J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 227(1):133-151.
biology/chemistry - in vitro Fe-add on phytoplankton, Fv\Fm, nutrients, salinity at line P\OSP 1995

Boyd, P. and Harrison, P.J. 1999.
Phytoplankton dynamics in the NE subarctic Pacific.
Deep-Sea Res. II. 46(11-12):2405-2432.
biology - seasonal phyto biomass, production and factors at line P\OSP 1992-1997

Boyd, P.W., Harrison, P.J. and Johnson, B.D. 1999.
The Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (Canada) in the NE subarctic Pacific.
Deep-Sea Res. II: Topical Studies in Oceanography. 46(11-12):2345-2350
overview - overview of program  C. JGOFS

Boyd, P.W.; Sherry, N.D.; Berges, J.A.; Bishop, J.K.B.; Calvert, S.E.; Charette, M.A.; Giovannoni, S.J.; Goldblatt, R.; Harrison, P.J.; Moran, S.B.; Roy, S.; Soon, M.; Strom, S.; Thibault, D.; Vergin, K.L.; Whitney, F.A. and Wong, C.S. 1999.
Transformation of biogenic particulates from the pelagic to deep ocean realm.
Deep-Sea Res. II: Topical Studies in Oceanography. 46(11-12):2761-2792.
biology/chemistry - POC flux, POC, PON, 238-234U and Th at line P 1995\1997\OSP 1996

Charette, M.A.; Moran, S.B. and Bishop, J.K.B. 1999.
234Th as a tracer of particulate organic carbon export in the subarctic northeast Pacific Ocean.
Deep-Sea Res. II. 46(11-12):2833-2861.
chemistry - 234Th and POC at line P & OSP 1996-1997

Crawford, W.R. 2008.
Recent trends in waters of the subarctic northeast Pacific.
PICES Press. 16:32-33
physics - sea-air surface P and T*C from line P data and compared to other time series

Crawford, W.R. 2005.
Heat and fresh water transport by eddies into the Gulf of Alaska.
Deep-Sea Res. II. 52(7-8):893-908.
physics - Haida eddies water prop. Profiles along line P, R and Z 1995-2001;

Crawford, W. R., Galbraith, J., Bolingbroke, N., 2007.
Line P ocean temperature and salinity, 1956-2005.
Progress in Oceanography, 75, 161-178, doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2007.08.017.  
physics - T and salinity at line P 1956-2005 

Crawford, W.R. and Chandler, P. 2007.
Recent trends in waters of the subarctic NE Pacific, Cooler and fresher in summer of 2006.
PICES Press. 15(1):22-23. v15_n1/pp_22_23_NEP_Jan2007_final.pdf
physics/chemistry - T and salinity at line P 2005-2006

Crawford, W.R. and Cummins, P. 2007.
Recent trends in the Subarctic NE Pacific: Cooling of 2006 continues into 2007.
Pices Press. 15(2):26-27. v15_n2/pp_26_27_NEP_Crawford_f.pdf
physics - T and SS height at line P 2006-2007 

Crawford, W.R. 2006.
Recent trends in the Subarctic northeast Pacific.
PICES Press. 14(2):24-25
physics - T, salinity and SS height at line P 2005-2006       

Crawford, W.R. and Robert, M. 2006.
Recent trends in the subarctic NE Pacific.
PICES Press. 14(1):30-31 physics - T, salinity and SS height at line P 2004-2005

Denman, K.L. and Peña, M.A. 1999.
A coupled 1-D biological / physical model of the northeast subarctic Pacific Ocean with iron limitation.
Deep-Sea Res. II. 46(11-12):2877-2908. -pacific-ocean-iron-limitation/#
biology/physics - bio and phys data from OSP for modelling

Di Lorenzo, E., Fiechter, J., Schneider, N., Bracco, A., Miller, A.J., Franks, P.J.S., Bograd, S.J., Moore, A.M., Thomas, A.C., Crawford, W., Peña, A. and Hermann, A. 2009.
Nutrient and salinity decadal variations in the central and eastern North Pacific.
Geophysical Research Letters. 36:L14601. doi:10.1029/2002GL038261.
chemistry - nut. and salinity data from line P 1963-2004 for modelling

Freeland, H. 2002.
The heat flux across Line-P 1996-1999.
Atmosphere-Ocean. 40(1):81-89
physics - heat flux at line P 1996-1999

Freeland, H. 2007.
A shorth history of Ocean Station Papa and Line P.
Progr.Oceanogr. 75(2):120-125.
history - history of OSP and line P

Freeland, H.J.; Gatien, G.; Huyer, A. and Smith, R.L. 2003.
Cold halocline in the northern California Current: An invasion of subarctic water.
Geophys. Res. Letters. 30(3):1141. doi: 10.1029/2002GL016663. bitstream/handle/1957/15193/ Freeland%20et%20al%20GRL%202003.pdf?sequence=1
physics - P, T, salinity at line P 1997-2002

Goldblatt, R.H.; Mackas, D.L. and Lewis, A.G. 1999.
Mesozooplankton community characteristics in the NE subarctic Pacific.
Deep-Sea Res. II. 46(11-12):2619-2644.
biology - mesozoopl biom at line P 1995-1997

Hamme, R.C.; Webley, P.W.; Crawford, W.R.; Whitney, F.A.; DeGrandpre, M.D.; Emerson, S.R.; Eriksen, C.C.; Giesbrecht, K.E.; Gower, J.F.R.; Kavanaugh, M.T.; Peña, M.A.; Sabine, C.L.; Batten, S.D.; Coogan, L.A., Grundle, D.S. and Lockwood, D. 2010.
Volcanic ash fuels anomalous plankton bloom in subarctic northeast Pacific.
Geophys. Res. Letters. 37:L19604. doi:10.1029\2010GL044629.
biology/chemistry/physics - chl-a, ash dispersal, pCO2, pH, fluo., T, salinity, GPP,NCP, nutr, etc at line P\OSP 2008

Harrison, P.J. 2002.
Station Papa time series: Insights into ecosystem dynamics.
J. of Oceanography. 58(2):259-264. doi:10.1023/A:1015857624562.
biology/chemistry/physics - ecosystem dynamics at OSP 1956-1999

Harrison, P.J.; Boyd, P.W.; Varela, D.E.; Takeda, S.; Shiomoto, A. and Odate, T. 1999.
Comparison of factors controlling phytoplankton productivity in the NE and NW subarctic Pacific gyres.
Progress in Oceanography. 43(2-4):205-234.
biology/chemistry - PP and factors controlling it - data from line P and OSP - review type

Harrison, P.J.; Whitney, F.; Mackas, D.; Beamish, R.; Trudel, M. and Perry, R.I. 2004.
Changes in coastal ecosystems in the NE Pacific ocean. HKUST Institutional Repository.
Http:// HarrisonJapanMSFinalChangesecosystem.pdf
biology/chemistry/physics - ecosystem review data from line P and OSP

Janssen, D.J. and Cullen J.T. 2015.
Decoupling of zinc and silicic acid in the subarctic northeast Pacific interior.
Marine Chemistry (2015), doi: 10.1016/j.marchem.2015-03-014
chemistry - zinc, trace metals, oxygen depletion, GEOTRACES

Kramer, D.; Cullen, J.T.; Christian, J.R.; Johnson, W.K. and Pedersen, T.F. 2011.
Silver in the subarctic northeast Pacific Ocean: Explaining the basin scale distribution of silver.
Mar. Chem. 123(1-4):133-142.
chemistry - Ag and nut at line P and OSP 2005

Lam, P.J.; Bishop, J.K.B.; Henning, C.C.; Marcus, M.A.; Waychunas, G.A. and Fung, I.Y. 2006.
Wintertime phytoplankton bloom in the subarctic Pacific supported by continental margin iron.
Global Biogeochem. Cycles. 20:GB1006. doi: 10.1029/2005GB002557.
biology/chemistry -  PP and Fe at OSP and line P 1996-1997

LaRoche, J.; Boyd, P.W.; McKay, R.M.L. and Geider, R.J. 1996.
Flavodoxin as an in situ marker for iron stress in phytoplankton.
Nature. 382:802-805.
biology - Flavodoxin, nutr and Fe at line P\OSP 1995

Lipsen, M.S.; Crawford, D.W.; Gower, J. and Harrison, P.J. 2007.
Spatial and temporal variability in coccolithophore abundance and production of PIC and POC in the NE subarctic Pacific during El Niño (1998) and El Niña (1999) and 2000.
Prog. Oceanogr. 75(2): 304-325. &_check=y&_origin=article&_zone=toolbar&_coverDate=31-Oct-2007&view=c&originContentFamily=serial&wchp=dGLzVlV-zSkzV&md5=c97a516d455c51f3e4ac463daad801f1/1-s2.0-S007966110700153X-main.pdf
biology/chemistry - phyto-nut-PIC-POC at line P and OSP 1998-2000

Lohan, M.C.; Crawford, D.W.; Purdie, D.A. and Statham, P.J. 2005.
Iron and Zinc enrichments in the northeastern subarctic Pacific: Ligand production and zinc availability in response to phytoplankton growth.
Limnol. Oceanogr. 50(5): 1427-1437.
biology/chemistry - Fe and Zn add on phyto at OSP 2001

Lohan, M.C.; Statham, P.J. and Crawford, D.W. 2002.
Total dissolved zinc in the upper water column of the subarctic North East Pacific.
Deep-Sea Res. II. 49(24-25):5793-5808.
chemistry - diss. Zn at line P and OSP 1999

Mackas, D.L.; Batten, S. and Trudel, M. 2007.
Effects on zooplankton of a warmer ocean: Recent evidence from the Northeast Pacific.
Progress in Oceanography. 75(2): 223-252.
biology/chemistry - mesozoopl., T and salinity at line P and OSP 1956-2004 - review type

Mackas, D.L. and Galbraith, M.D. 2011.
Pteropod time series from the NE Pacific.
ICES J. Mar. Sci. doi:10.1093/icesjms/fsr163.
biology - zoopl at line P and OSP 1956-2010 - review

Mackas, D.L.; Goldblatt, R. and Lewis, A.G. 1998.
Interdecadal variation in developmental timing of Neocalanus plumchrus populations at Ocean Station P in the subarctic North Pacific.
Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 55(8):1878-1893.
biology - mesozoopl biom at OSP (and a few line P stations) 1956-1997

Maldonado, M.T.; Boyd, P.W.; Harrison, PJ and Price, N.M. 1999.
Co-limitation of phytoplankton growth by light and Fe during winter in the NE subarctic Pacific Ocean.
Deep-Sea Res. II. 46(11-12):2475-2485.
biology - low light and Fe on phyto at OSP 1997

Maldonado, M.T. and Price, N.M. 1999.
Utilization of iron bound to strong organic ligands by plankton communities in the subarctic Pacific Ocean.
Deep-Sea Res. II. 46(11-12):2447-2473.
biology - plankton and org-Fe uptake at line P and OSP 1995-1997

Marchetti, A.; Schruth, D.M.; Durkin, C.A.; Parker, M.S.; Kodner, R.B.; Berthiaume, C.T.; Morales, R.; Allen, A.E. and Armbrust, E.V. 2012.
Comparative metatranscriptomics identifies molecular bases for the physiological responses of phytoplankton to varying iron availability.
PNAS. doi:10.1073/pnas.1118408109.
biology - phyto metatranscriptome and Fe add at OSP/lineP 2008

McKinnell, S.M. and Mackas, D.L. 2003.
Intercalibrating SCOR, NORPAC and bongo nets and the consequences for interpreting decadal-scale variation in zooplankton biomass in the Gulf of Alaska.
Fish. Oceanogr. 12(2):126-133.
biology - zoopl - sampling intercalibration at line P and OSP 1997-2000

Nishioka, J.; Takeda, S.; Wong, C.S. and Johnson, W.K. 2001.
Size-fractionated iron concentrations in the northeast Pacific Ocean: Distribution of soluble and small colloidal iron.
Mar. Chem. 74(1-2):157-179.
chemistry - sol. and coll. Fe at line P/OSP 1997-1999

O'Hara, P.D.; Morgan, K.H. and Sydeman, W.J. 2006.
Primary producer and seabird associations with AVHRR-derived sea surface temperatures and gradients in the southeastern Gulf of Alaska.
Deep-Sea Res.II: Topical Studies in Oceanography. 53(3-4):359-369.
biology/physics - seabird, (SST and chl-a from sat. data) at line P/OSP 1996-2004

Peña, M.A. and Bograd, S.J. 2007.
Time series of the northeast Pacific.
Prog. Oceanogr. 75(2):115-119.
history - 50th line P program symposium presentation

Peña, M.A. and Varela, D.E. 2007.
Seasonal and interannual variability in phytoplankton and nutrient dynamics along line P in the NE subarctic Pacific.
Progress in Oceanography. 75(2):200-222.
biology/chemistry - phyto biom and nutrient at line P/OSP 1964-2005

Ribalet, F.; Marchetti, A.; Hubbard, K.A.; Brown, K.; Durkin, C.A.; Morales, R.; Robert, M.; Swalwell, J.E.; Tortell, P.D. and Armbrust, E.V. 2010.
Unveiling a phytoplankton hotspot at a narrow boundary between coastal and offshore waters.
PNAS. 107(38):16571-16576.
biology/chemistry/physics - phyto, sal., T, pCO2 and fluorescence at line P/OSP (2000-2005) 2008

Ridal, J.J. and Moore, R.M. 1992.
Dissolved organic phosphorus concentrations in the northeast subarctic Pacific Ocean.
Limnol. Oceanogr. 37(5):1067-1075.
chemistry - DOP methods at line P/OSP 1990

Riebesell, U.; Zondervan, I.; Rost, B.; Tortell, P.D.; Zeebe, R.E. and Morell, F.M.M. 2000.
Reduced calcification of marine plankton in response to increased atmospheric CO2.
Nature. 407:364-367.
biology/chemistry - CO2 add on POC, calcification of plankton and calcite: POC ratio at line P\OSP 1998-1999

Royer, S.J.; Levasseur, M.; Lizotte, M.; Arychuk, M.; Scarratt, M.G.; Wong, C.S.; Lovejoy, C.; Robert, M.; Johnson, K.W.; Peña, A; Michaud, S. and Kiene, R.P. 2010.
Microbial dimethylsulfoniopropriate (DMSP) dynamics along a natural iron gradient in the northeast subarctic Pacific.
Limnol. Oceanogr. 55(4):1614-1626.
biology/chemistry - phyto, bact, nut and Fe on DMSP microb metabolism at line P/OSP 2007

Schallenberg, C.; Davidson, A.B.; Simpson, K.G.; Miller, L.A. and Cullen, J.T. 2015.
Iron(II) variability in the northeast subarctic Pacific Ocean.
Marine Chemistry (2015), doi: 10.1016/j.marchem.2015-04-004
chemistry - iron, iron(II), redox, oxygen depletion, HNLC, Line P, subarctic Pacific, OSP, sediments, continental margins

Schmidt, M.A. and Hutchins, D.A. 1999.
Size-fractionated biological iron and carbon uptake along a coastal to offshore transect in the NE Pacific.
Deep-Sea Res. II: Topical Studies in Oceanography. 46(11-12):2487-2503.
biology - biol Fe and autotr. C uptake at line P/OSP 1997

Schuback, N.; Schallenberg, C.; Duckham, C.; Maldonado, M.T. and Tortell, P.D. 2015
Interacting Effects of Light and Iron Availability on the Coupling of Photosynthetic Electron Transport and CO2-Assimilation in Marine Phytoplankton.
PLoS ONE, 10, e0133235
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0133235
biology - Phytoplankton, light, photosynthesis, high pressure, photochemistry, pigments, taxonomy, curve fittin

Semeniuk, D.M.; Cullen, J.T.; Johnson, W.K.; Gagnon, K. Ruth, T.J. and Maldonado, M.T. 2009.
Plankton copper requirements and uptake in the subarctic Northeast Pacific Ocean.
Deep-Sea Res I. 56(7):1130-1142.
biology - phyto, Cu and Fe uptake at line P/OSP 2006

Sherry, N.D.; Boyd, P.W.; Sugimoto, K. and Harrison, P.J. 1999.
Seasonal and spatial patterns of heterotrophic bacterial production, respiration, and biomass in the subarctic NE Pacific.
Deep-Sea Res. II: Topical Studies in Oceanography. 46(11-12):2557-2578.
biology - hetero.bact. prod, resp and biom at line P/OSP 1995-1997

Sherry, N.D.; Imanian, B.; Sugimoto, K.; Boyd, P.W.and Harrison, P.J. 2002.
Seasonal and interannual trends in heterotrophic bacterial processes between 1995 and 1999 in the subarctic NE Pacific.
Deep-Sea Res. II: Topical Studies in Oceanography.49(24-25):5775-5791.
biology - hetero bact prod and biom at line P/OSP 1995-1999

Steiner, N.S.; Robert, M.; Arychuk, M.; Levasseur, M.L.; Merzouk, A., Peña, A.; Richardson, W.A. and Tortell, P.D. 2011.
Evaluating DMS measurements and model results in the Northeast subarctic Pacific from 1996-2010.
Biogeochem. Doi:10.1007/s10533-011-9669-9.
chemistry - DMS, bio and phys data at line P/OSP 1996-2010 to model DMS

Steiner, N.; Vagle, S.; Denman, K. and McNeil, C. 2007.
Oxygen and nitrogen cycling in the northeast Pacific - Simulations and observations at Station Papa in 2003/2004.
J. Mar. Res. 65:441-469. 08&accname=Guest+User&checksum=D176DD1FDAA82D9E558A3725243022F7
chemistry - O2 and N at OSP 2003-2004 - obs and modelling

Tabata, S.; Thomas, B. and Ramsden, D. 1988.
Annual and interannual variability of steric sea level along Line P in the northeast Pacific Ocean.
J. Phys. Oceanogr. 16:1378-1387.
physics - Sal, T, D and steric height at line P/OSP 1959-1981

Thibault, D.; Roy, S.; Wong, C.S. and Bishop. J.K. 1999.
The downward flux of biogenic material in the NE subarctic Pacific: Importance of algal sinking and mesozooplankton herbivory.
Deep-Sea Res. II. 46(11-12):2669-2697.
biology/chemistry - phyto-zoopl and sed.traps at line P/OPS 1996-1997

Tortell, P.D. 2005.
Dissolved gas measurements in oceanic waters made by membrane inlet mass spectrometry.
Limnol. Oceanogr.: Methods. 3:24-37.
chemistry - trace gases - methods, T, sal., nutr and phyto at line P/OSP 2003

Tortell, P.D.; Martin, C.L. and Corkum, M.E. 2006.
Inorganic carbon uptake and intracellular assimilation by subarctic Pacific phytoplankton assemblages.
Limnol. Oceanogr. 51(5):2102-2110.
chemistry - isotope desiquilibrium at line P\OSP 2004

Vagle, S.; McNeil, C. and Steiner, N. 2010.
Upper ocean bubble measurements from the NE Pacific and estimates of their role in air-sea gas transfer of the weakly soluble gases nitrogen and oxygen.
J. Geophys. Res. 115:C12054. doi:10.1029/2009JC005990.
chemistry/physics - O2, N2 and bubble size at OSP 2002-2010 (mooring at OSP - SOLAS)

Varela, D.E. and Harrison, P.J. 1999.
Seasonal variability in nitrogenous nutrition of phytoplankton assemblages in the northeastern subarctic Pacific Ocean.
Deep-Sea Res. II. 46(11-12):2505-2538.
biology/chemistry - irr, CTD, nutr, phyto nad N uptake at line P/OSP 1992-1994

Whitney, F.A. 2011.
Nutrient variability in the mixed layer of the subarctic Pacific Ocean 1987-2010.
J. Oceanogr. 67(4):481-492.
chemistry - nutr from line P/OSP 1987-2010 - review of all subarctic Pacific, not only the NE portion

Whitney, F.A. and Freeland, H.J. 1999.
Variability in upper-ocean water properties in the NE Pacific Ocean.
Deep-Sea Res. II. 46(11-12):2351-2370.
chemistry/physics -  phys and chem water prop. At line P/OSP 1956-1998

Whitney, F.A.; Freeland, H.J. and Robert, M. 2007.
Persistently declining oxygen levels in the interior waters of the eastern subarctic Pacific.
Progress in Oceanography. 75(2):179-199.
chemistry - O2 at OSP 1956-2006

Withney, F.A. and Robert, M.2002.
Structure of Haida eddies and their transport of nutrients from coastal margins into the NE Pacific ocean.
J. Oceanogr. 58(5):715-723.
chemistry/physics - eddies, CTD and nutrients at line P\OSP 1995, 1998-1999

Whitney, F.A. and Welch, D.W. 2002.
Impact of the 1997-1998 El Niño and 1999 La Niña on nutrient supply in the Gulf of Alaska.
Progress in Oceanography. 54(1-4):405-421.
biology/chemistry/physics - nutr, chl-a, T, salinity and MLD at line P\OSP 1969-1999

Wong, C.S.; Christian, J.R.; Wong, S.K.E.; Page, J.; Xie, L. and Johannessen, S. 2010.
Carbon dioxide in surface seawater of the eastern North Pacific Ocean (Line P), 1973-2005.
Deep-Sea Res.I. 57:687-695.
chemistry - CO2 at line P/OSP 1973-2005

Wong, C.S.; Waser, N.A.D.; Whitney, F.A.; Johnson, W.K. and Page, J.S. 2002.
Time-series study of the biogeochemistry of the North East subarctic Pacific: Reconciliation of the C org / N remineralization and uptake ratios with the Redfield ratios.
Deep-Sea Res. II. 49(24-25):5717-5738. 
biogeochemistry - nutr, PP, DIC, TA, DOC, DON and OP and IP fluxes at OSP 1987-1998

Wong, C.S.; Wong, S.E.; Richardson, W.A.; Smith, G.E.; Arychuk, M.D. and Page, J.S. 2005.
Temporal and Spatial distribution of dimethylsulfide in the subarctic northeast Pacific Ocean: a high-nutrient-low-chlorophyll region.
Tellus. 57(4):317-331.
chemistry - DMS, T, sal, P, D, O2, nutr and phyto at line P/OSP 1996-2001

Wong, C.S.; Xie, L. and Hsieh, W.W. 2007.
Variations in nutrients, carbon and other hydrographic parameters related to the 1976/77 and 1988/89 regime shifts in the sub-arctic Northeast Pacific.
Prog. Oceanogr. 75(2):326-342.
chemistry/physics -  SST, sal, O2, nutr, DIC, AOU at line P/OSP 1960-1995

Wong, C.S.; Yu, Z.; Waser, N.A.D.; Whitney, F.A. and Johnson, W.K. 2002.
Seasonal changes in the distribution of dissolved organic nitrogen in coastal and open-ocean waters in the North East Pacific: sources and sinks.
Deep-Sea Res. II: Topical Studies in Oceanography. 49(24-25):5759-5773.
chemistry - CTD, nutr and DON at line P/OSP 1995-1998

Wu, J.; Calvert, S.E. and Wong, C.S. 1997.
Nitrogen isotope variations in the subarctic northeast Pacific: relationships to nitrate utilization and trophic structure.
Deep-Sea Res. I. 44(2):287-314.
biology/chemistry - 15N of DON, SPOM and zooplankton at line P\OSP 1991-1993

Wurl, O.; Stolle, C.; Van Thuoc, C; Thu, P.T., and Mari, X. 2016.
Biofilm-like properties of the sea surface and predicted effects on air-sea CO2 exchange.
Progress in Oceanography, 144, 15-24  
chemistry - slicks, sea surface phenomena, air-sea CO2 fluxes, biofilm-like properties

Wurl, O.; Miller, L. and Vagle, S. 2011.
Production and fate of transparent exopolymer particles in the ocean.
J. Geophys. Res. Oceans. 116:C00H13. doi:10.1029/2011JC007342.
chemistry - transparent exopolymer particles, total dissolved carbohydrates, T, salinity, fluorescence and diss.O2 at line P\OSP 2009-2010

Wurl, O.; Wurl, E.; Miller, L.; Johnson K. and Vagle, S. 2011.
Formation and global distribution of sea-surface microlayers.
Biogeosci. 8:121-135.
chemistry - surfactant microlayer, TDC and chl-a at line P\OSP 2009

Wurl, O.; Wurl, E.; Miller, L.; Johnson, K. and Vagle, S. 2010.
Formation and distribution of sea-surface microlayers.
Biogeosci. Discussions. 7:5719-5755.
chemistry - surfactant microlayer, TDC and chl-a at line P\OSP 2010

Yen, P.P.W.; Sideman, W.J.; Morgan, K.H. and Whitney, F.A. 2005.
Top predator distribution and abundance across the eastern Gulf of Alaska: Temporal variability and ocean habitat associations.
Deep-Sea Res. II: Topical Studies in Oceanography. 52(5-6):799-822.
biology - marine birds and mammals at line P\OSP 1996-2003

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Other Line P OSP

Gargett, A.E.; Li, M. and Brown, R. 2001.
Testing mechanistic explanations of observed correlations between environmental factors and marine fisheries.
Can. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 58(1):208-219.
biology/physics - CTD data from line P for factors on fisheries

Harrison, P.J.; Whitney, F.A.; Tsuda, A.; Saito, H. and Tadokoro, K. 2004.
Nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics in the NE and NW gyres of the subarctic Pacific ocean.
J. of Oceanography. 60(1):93-117
biology/chemistry/physics - plankton, nutr., T, salinity and MLD data from Line P and OSP - review type comparing NEP and NWP regions

Johnson, K.W.; Miller, L.A.; Sutherland, N.E. and Wong, C.S. 2005.
Iron transport by mesaoscale Haida eddies in the Gulf of Alaska.
Deep-Sea Res. II: Topical Studies in Oceanography. 52(7-8):933-953.
chemistry/physics - Dfe, Pfe and Total Fe data from line P and OSP to compare to H2000 and H2001 data

Masson, D. and Cummins, P.F. 2007.
Temperature trends and interannual variability in the Strait of Georgia, British-Columbia.
Continental Shelf Research. 27(5):634-649.
physics - SST, diss O2 data from line P for comparison to their data in Strait of Georgia

Nuwer, M.L.; Frost, B.W. and Armbrust, E.V. 2008.
Population structure of the planktonic copepod Calanus pacificus in the North Pacific Ocean.
Mar. Biol. 156:107-115.
biology - zoopl and its DNA from P2 and OSP as well as from other station in North Pacific for comparisons

Tortell, P.D.; Rau, G.H. and Morell, F.M.M. 2000.
Inorganic carbon acquisition in coastal Pacific phytoplankton communities.
Limnol. Oceanogr. 45(7):1485-1500.
biology - phyto, photosynthesis, C uptake at P4 1998 compared to other coastal stations along the NW americain coast

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The uptake and export of silicon and nitrogen in HNLC waters of the NE Pacific Ocean.
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biology/chemistry/physics - CTD, nutr, chl-a and Fe from line P\OSP 1998, 200-2002; review type for NE subarctic Pacific

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Modelling Line P and OSP

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Microbial loop carbon cycling in ocean environments studied using a simple steady-state model.
Aquat. Microb. Ecol. 26:37-49. Aquat%20Micro%20Ecology_Microbial%20loop%20carbon%20cycling.pdf
biology - modeling of microbial loop- has published data from line P and OSP

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physics - pycnocline model 1947-2000 compared to pycnocline at OSP 1957-1999

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physics - climate and interannual variability; decadal ocean variability; upper ocean and mixed layer processes

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geophysics - P, T and density modelling 1996-2003 compared to data at line P

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model - particle export modelling calibrated with line P data

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biogeochemistry - phyto, zoopl, nutr and depth data from line P\OSP to model biogeochemically the subarctic Pacific

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chemistry/biology - phyto, nutrients, TCO2, pCO2 and O2 at OSP 1958-1980 for modelling

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OSP Only

Alford, M.H.; Cronin, M.F. and Klymak, J.M. 2011.
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J.Phys. Oceanogr. Doi:10.1175\JPO-D-11-0921
physics - velocity, MLD, bandpassing and stratification at OSP 2008-2010

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biology - Fe add (phyto, Dfe, NO3, NH4, PN, PC, Pfe, PP, N uptake and zoopl). Herbivory from OSP 1993-1994

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biology/chemistry/biology - CTD, PAR, nutr, chl-a, plankton, etc at OSP (and P23 b\c couldn't reach OSP) 1993-1994

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biology - zoopl, fatty acid content and 13C\15N at OSP 2005

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chemistry - O2, N2, pCO2 and pH at OSP 2007 for modelling CaCO3 flux

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chemistry/biology - POC, total N, a.a., carbohydrates from sed. Traps at OSP 1982-1983

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chemistry/biology - bio 13C and 15N of POM and planktonat OSP1982-1990

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Other OSP

Bishop, J.K.B. 1999.
Transmissometer measurement of POC.
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chemistry - POC transmissometer POC measurements from OSP 1996 in comparison to other oceanic stations - methods

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Prog. Oceanogr. In Press.
biology - zoopl data at OSP - part of a world's ocean review of zoopl phenology

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biology - zoopl communities data from OSP 1956-1980 - part of a subarctic Pacific zoopl review

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chemistry/biology - phyto isolation and domoic acid from OSP 2000-2003

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Iron and phytoplankton growth in the Subarctic North Pacific.
Aqua_BioScience Monographs. 4(2):41-93.
chemistry/biology - Fe, nutr andphyto data from OSP to compare with other regions of Subarctic North Pacific

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marine physics: KEO, Papa

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moorings - Papa, OceanSITES

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New surface mooring at Station Papa monitors climate.
PICES Press, 16(2), 26-27
mooring, climate

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modeling - bio and chem measurements from SUPER to model pCO2, T, salinity, nutr, O2 and Ar at OSP

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chemistry/biology - NH4 uptake and regeneration, nutr and plankton 1987 for SUPER

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chemistry/biology - N assimilation, nutr and phyto at OSP 1984, 1987-1988 for SUPER

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Agawin, N.S.R.; Hale, M.S.; Rivkin, R.B.; Matthews, P. and Li, W.K.W. 2006.
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